Did you know that 125 gallons of freshwater are saved every day by using porta potties? Not only are these portable bathrooms good for the environment, but they also make construction sites and events bathroom-accessible when they otherwise wouldn’t be. 

If you are hosting an outdoor event or working on a construction job you will need to rent port potties. When planning outdoor events or construction projects you need to provide bathroom facilities for attendees. Porta potties are a convenient and practical option for temporary sanitary needs.

Not portable toilet rental businesses are created equal. Picking the best provider can make or break your event or project. Keep reading to learn what factors to consider when choosing porta potty rental services.

Company Reputation and Experience

Start by looking into possible porta toilet rental providers’ reviews and experience. Look for well-established companies that have a proven track record.

Established companies are more likely to provide dependable and high-quality services. Reading reviews and asking for referrals can help you learn about the customer experience.

At MC Septic Service, our team has worked for over 20 years to earn one of the best reputations in the portable toilet industry. We are a locally owned and operated business and want to be community partners, rather than a one-time provider.  Our commitment to premiere customer service has led us to become the largest porta potty provider in the eastern Tennessee region.

Review the Services Offered

Different rental companies offer different packages based on their client bases’ needs. Some companies offer luxury trailers, handicap-accessible units, washing stations, or fencing. Consider the services that you require before entering into an agreement.  

We offer a wide range of porta potties including the following:

  • Standard porta potties
  • ADA accessible units
  • Units with hand washing stations.
  • Flushable units
  • Units with hand sanitizers

In addition to this wide variety of porta potties, we offer external hand wash and hand sanitizer stations. These accessories can ensure a clean experience.

If you need temporary toilets for a higher-end event, you can even look into our bathroom trailer rental options. These units provide a big and spacious environment with high-quality finishes and décor. These trailers have luxuries like air conditioning, heating, and high-quality lighting.

Routine Cleaning and Maintenance

When it comes to porta potties, cleanliness is a top priority. Always ask about the cleaning and maintenance procedures used by the company. Reputable providers should service the units regularly, ensuring that they are cleansed and refilled with supplies.

If you are planning on renting the unit for an extended period, you need to ask about the frequency of emptying the unit. Allowing porta potties to lay dormant for too long can rapidly degrade the user experience. We perform frequent cleaning and maintenance to ensure that the units are clean and comfortable for guests to use.

Delivery Methods

You need to discern what the best delivery and pickup procedures are. Good rental companies will personally deliver the unit and pick it up at the end of your rental agreement.

As the event coordinator or site manager, you need to plan the location of the porta potties on your property carefully. They should be conveniently accessible to attendees or personnel. They should also be placed to ensure that lingering scents don’t interrupt event activities or workers’ concentration.

When it comes to dropping off and picking up the units before and after the event or project, the rental firm should be timely and dependable. Be proactive about discussing the site’s location and accessibility to guarantee seamless delivery and pickup.

At MC Septic, our team will deliver and set up the portable toilets at the event venue. 


Compare prices from various porta potty rental providers to verify you’re getting a good deal. Be wary of starkly overly low-cost offerings, as they may indicate poor quality or hidden charges.

You want to find a provider that provides upfront pricing, detailing all expenses and any additional charges. Due to our investment in high-quality units and the scale of our operation, we can provide competitive pricing. Our sales team at MC Septic can work up a quote for you today.  

Unit Availability

You should estimate the number of guests or workers who will be using the porta potties. This will help determine the number of porta potties you need.

You also want to ensure that porta potty companies have enough available units for your needs. Rental companies should be able to provide some guidance based on your event time and estimated attendance. 

Event Duration

Consider how long you will require the portable toilets. Whether it’s a one-day event or a long-term building project, make sure the rental firm can handle your rental period and provide flexible options if your demands change.

When it comes to a construction project or other laborious project that requires a bathroom on-site, you may want to find a company that can offer these longer-term rentals. If you are working on a project that is extended or accelerated, you can inquire on the front end if there is any flexibility in your rental contract.

Customer Service

Evaluate the rental company’s approach to customer service. During your introductory conversations are they quick to respond, helpful, and respectful? If so, that can be a good indication that customer service is responsive and helpful in handling any complaints or modifications that may need to take place.

Pick the Best Porta Potty Rental Company

Restrooms are an essential part of any worksite or event space. You need to choose the best rental company to ensure that attendees and staff have a clean and pleasant experience. Pick the best porta potty rental to ensure that everyone has a pleasant and clean bathroom experience.

Our team at MC Septic would appreciate the opportunity to provide portable toilets for your next project! Contact our team to get a quote today.