If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, there are countless logistical decisions you need to make.

Even though 72% of weddings take place wholly or partially outdoors, outdoor wedding planning is a bit more complicated. You must think about everything from lighting and tents to catering and outdoor decorations.

One of the most overlooked aspects of outdoor wedding planning is renting portable restrooms. You must provide your guests with a place to relieve themselves, especially if your wedding is outdoorsy.

Today, we’ll go over some of the benefits of Porta John rental for outdoor weddings. It might not be high on your wedding planning priority list, but restroom rental is one of the things that’ll ensure that your wedding goes off without a hitch.

Guest Comfort

One of the things you’ll be thinking about when you hold an outdoor wedding is guest comfort. Having a few portable restrooms on-site will ensure no one has to wait to go to the bathroom. It’s especially important when you’ve got older guests who might not be as mobile as younger ones.

Most people think of porta potties as the dank units you see at music festivals and other outdoor events. For a wedding, however, you can splurge for a luxury porta potty rental that gives you and your guests a comfortable bathroom experience. 

For instance, our flushable porta potty rentals can give your outdoor wedding a more authentic bathroom experience. With these, you won’t have to worry about servicing the porta potties, allowing you to put your entire focus on your wedding.

There Are Countless Options

Choosing a good porta potty rental company means finding someone who can accommodate your event and your needs. When it comes to a wedding, you need to have numerous options.

We already mentioned the more luxurious options, like a flushable unit with a sink or hand sanitizer dispenser. Since it’s your special day, you might want somewhere more private to relieve yourself. 

A restroom trailer gives you a 3-stall or 10-stall restroom trailer. Whether you want to provide full restrooms for your entire wedding or just the wedding party will determine which luxury portable bathroom you choose.

Fewer Bathroom Lines

Even when you’re having a partially outdoor wedding with some indoor bathrooms, you may end up with bathroom lines. Anytime you get 100-200 people in the same place, bathroom lines are a major concern.

Restroom rental doesn’t have to be your sole source of washrooms. It can be a smart idea to rent a set of porta potties as a way to combat long bathroom lines so you can keep your friends and family having fun all night long.

If you’re unsure of how many porta potties you should be renting, you can contact us to discuss your wedding with one of our representatives. MC Septic Services is one of the top porta potty rental companies in Tennessee, so we’ve got the experience to help you make important decisions about how many porta potties your wedding may need.


There’s a common misconception that porta potty rental adds a lot to your wedding costs, but that’s not necessarily true. We understand that planning a wedding comes down to keeping a tight budget, so our professionals will work with you to determine the best portable washroom solution without breaking the bank.

Planning an outdoor wedding can end up saving you money. Renting a few porta potties or luxury bathroom trailers will be a fraction of your wedding budget in the end.

It’s all about figuring out the right number of bathrooms for the number of wedding guests, which we can help with when you get a quote. It might not be as many units as you’re thinking. In fact, a 250-person wedding that lasts 6 hours only requires 4 porta potties.


Ordering porta potties for your wedding only takes a few minutes. On the big day, you won’t have to worry about anything. We’ll deliver the units at a suitable time and pick them up when the event is over. All of our units are supplied with toilet paper and you can add hand washing and sanitation stations if needed.

Having a hassle-free portable bathroom rental just makes your life easier when you’re planning an outdoor wedding. As we said, there’s lots you’ll be thinking about, so you shouldn’t have to worry about your porta potties. Let us deal with that so you can relax and enjoy your wedding and guests.


One of the overlooked perks of renting porta potties for your wedding is the ability to customize them with the decor of your wedding. If you’ve got a particular theme to the decorations, there’s no reason you can’t spruce up the portable bathrooms as well to make them fit in.

Whether you decide to put lights around the restrooms, floral arrangements, or funny signs, you can do a lot to integrate them into the motif of your wedding. We’re the first to admit that porta potties aren’t always aesthetically pleasing. Feel free to decorate them however you like.


Portable bathrooms are a convenient solution for any outdoor event. You only need a few units to accommodate a large number of people, so they won’t take any attention away from the beautiful outdoor setting.

With a wedding, you don’t want to overthink where people are going to relieve themselves. Restroom rental is easy to book, easy for your guests to find and use, and easy to clean up the day after because we do it for you.

Get the Best Porta John Rental in Tennessee

Figuring out your bathroom arrangements for your outdoor wedding doesn’t have to be difficult. Porta John rental is an affordable, sanitary, convenient, and comfortable way to accommodate your guests. You just need to find the right restroom rental company to work with.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in Tennessee, you can trust MC Septic Services for your portable restroom rental. We have a wide variety of porta potties and restroom trailers to choose from, so contact us today and we can help you make important decisions for your wedding.