Are you aware that the portable toilet rental market size was valued at 18.16 billion in 2021? It’s expected to compound at an annual rate of 7.5% from 2022 to 2030. Those are big numbers!

When running an event (no matter how big or small), you’ll need portable toilets. What you may not be considering is the proper placement of portable toilet rental units. When you get this right, the event will go off without a hitch.

But, how exactly should you do this? In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know to get started. Keep reading to learn more on the subject.

Why Placement Matters

Portable toilets serve as essential amenities for a diverse range of settings. This is anywhere from a music festival and sporting events to construction sites and disaster relief areas.

Proper placement plays a pivotal role in enhancing user experience and maintaining hygiene standards. A thoughtfully planned placement strategy can prevent congestion, ensure accessibility, and minimize unpleasant odors.

With proper placement, the likely success of an event or project increases.

Key Considerations for Portable Toilet Placement

What’re the things you should be cognizant of when placing your portable toilet rental units? Let’s take a look at some of the more prominent ones below:


You want to make sure your portable toilet accessibility is on point. This is especially true to adhere to those with disabilities. Doing so will ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.

A handicapped portable toilet is essential for any event. For smaller events, you should have at least one. Be sure to mark handicapped units so that patrons can be aware.

Traffic Flow

When you hire a portable toilet rental service, be sure to consider the anticipated foot traffic of the event or worksite. Make sure to place porta johns where they won’t obstruct pedestrian flow, vehicular movement, or emergency evacuation routes.

Proximity to Key Areas

Identify the key areas where people are likely to spend the most time beforehand. Places like food stalls, main stages, or work zones should have portable toilets placed strategically. This will be beneficial to people attending since it’ll cut down on travel time.


Privacy is of utmost importance for your patrons too. Strive to keep your portable toilet rental spots away from heavily frequented areas. You can consider natural barriers like trees or fencing to shield the units from public view.

Ventilation and Sunlight

You always want to minimize order as best as possible to make for a pleasant experience for the patrons of the event. Avoid placing units directly under intense sunlight, as it can increase the temperature inside and potentially cause discomfort.

Hygiene Stations

If feasible, position handwashing stations or sanitizing stations near or within proximity to the portable toilets. This promotes good hygiene practices and encourages users to maintain cleanliness after use.

Avoiding Environmental Impact

Your portable toilet placement should never be placed in environmentally sensitive environments. For example, wetlands or water bodies.

Proper placement prevents potential contamination and demonstrates environmental responsibility.


You want to strike the right balance of portable toilet visibility and not being an “eyesore” to the patrons. Be sure to not have your units in one designated area. The key is to spread them out so your patrons are always near a unit.

Weather and Geography

Weather and geography sure place a part in the placement too. You want to be sure you’re placing them on dry, level land. They should always be within 25 feet of a maintenance truck.

Keep your porta johns away from any elements that can become hazardous to your patrons. Putting them against a wall or fence can be beneficial as they act as a barrier.

Dirt, grass, etc. aren’t a good idea if heavy rain is in the forecast.

Event Specific Strategies

Each event will run differently and you’ll have to handle the logistics. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular uses of porta johns and where you might like to place the units:

Music Festivals

For music festivals, portable toilet placement ought to be near highly concentrated areas such as the stage and food vendors. Clustering units is a good idea since it’ll prevent the overuse of a single unit.

Construction Sites

Positional portable toilet rental units near work zones. Avoid putting them close to heavy machinery and potential hazards. Workers will now be able to access the facilities quickly without disrupting ongoing operations.

Sporting Events

Distribute toilets around spectator areas and athlete facilities. Prioritize convenience for attendees and participants alike.

Regular Maintenace

The proper placement is just one piece of the puzzle. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure that the portable toilets remain clean, functional, and comfortable. Establish a schedule for cleaning, waste removal, and restocking of essential supplies like toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Go With the Flow With Our Portable Toilet Rental

As the portable toilet rental market continues to expand, it’s evident that proper placement is a vital component in delivering a positive experience for patrons.

Whether at an event, on a construction site, or in any other setting, strategic placement not only enhances convenience but also promotes hygiene and safety.

By considering accessibility, traffic flow, privacy, and other key factors, organizers and project managers can ensure that portable toilets serve their purpose effectively and contribute to the success of various endeavors.

The good news is that MC septic services will handle everything for you. Don’t hesitate to get a free quote today!