As a child, your mother always told you never to hold your pee. That wasn’t just a superstition. There is evidence that holding urine for too long leads to bacterial infection and overstretching of the bladder.

For those reasons and more, nothing is worse than being at a public event without a nearby toilet. To make matters even more complicated, it could be even more problematic for some who have a bladder condition like IBS. That’s where a restroom trailer rental comes to save the day.

A restroom trailer rental does more than rescue someone from an embarrassing emergency. Read on as we give you nine benefits of having a restroom trailer rental for your outdoor events.

1. A Restroom Trailer Rental Is Cost Effective

Suppose you’ve got an outdoor event that already costs an arm and a leg. For example, a wedding. After accounting for every last tablecloth and chafing dish, there might not be much left in the budget.

Portable restrooms are a must-have for an outdoor event, no exceptions. Necessity or not, though, it might seem like the last little bit that puts you in the negative. Fortunately, all different types of porta potties are well within your means.

Importantly, you can rent as much or as little as you need. If money is tight, you can rent less than originally planned–keeping legal requirements in mind. Or, you can rent less-luxurious versions for better savings.

Renting a porta potty gives you plenty of flexibility regardless of your event type and budget.

2. It’s Easy to Set Up

Event planning is notoriously stressful. It’s a careful balancing game of logistics, RSVP lists, and catering menus. It usually comes with the weighty expectations of a job or a friend–one you can’t afford to displease.

Fortunately, portable toilets are as simple as they come. You tell the delivery man where to put them, and that’s it. They are ready to serve for as long or as short of an outdoor event as you need.

They come ready to go, too. They are clean, empty, and full of fresh water and soap for hand washing. At most, they need a roll of toilet paper before they’re operational.

3. It’s Hygienic

A porta potty trailer doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being clean and hygienic. But this is usually the fault of whoever ordered the toilet, not the toilet itself.

With proper care and refills, a porta potty can be just as clean and hygienic as any other toilet. That includes having a fresh, pleasant smell, too.

Contact your porta potty company if you have a long or multi-day event. They’ll drop by to empty it and clean it out periodically, keeping it fresh for longer.

4. It Helps Comply with Legal Requirements

Believe it or not, you can’t just choose how many toilets you personally think would be necessary. There are regulations in most places that enforce strict toilet minimums.

It varies from place to place, but generally, you want about one toilet per 5-15 people. Numbers vary depending on gender since the ladies need a bit more time. Knowing these requirements allows you to easily add an extra potty or two as needed.

5. It’s Convenient 

Organizing an event space is just as important as organizing the event itself. One of the most important aspects is arranging the space for guests to easily transit from one point to another. With interior toilets locked into a single place, you have to live with their placement–good or bad.

That’s not the case with portable toilets. You can add them anywhere you need according to event requirements. Importantly, they’re easy to place as we mentioned earlier.

6. It’s Environmentally Friendly

Many event planners these days are trying to reduce their environmental impact. Just replacing plastic silverware containers with paper ones can make a huge difference across a hundred-plus people. Portable restrooms, as well, minimize environmental impact.

This is because they are more efficient than other toilets that require running water for every flush and every hand wash. The psychology of a portable toilet means people aren’t likely to sit there forever, wasting fewer resources.

After the event, your porta potty trailer provider dumps the refuse in a responsible place. This prevents chemicals from leeching into the groundwater, protecting our fragile ecosystems.

7. It Makes Your Event More Comfortable

Think of the last time you went to a place that didn’t have enough toilets. It really ruined the night, didn’t it? Just being able to go to the bathroom as needed, when you needed, makes a monumental difference.

Again, renting a porta potty gives you a lot of control. You control how many there are, and where they are. You can build an event where guests never need stress, not even for a second, about taking care of nature’s call.

8. It Gives You Options

Portable toilets may all seem to be exactly the same. Some may have a bit more room than others, but that’s it. Fortunately, that is a myth that needs to go the way of the dodo.

Modern portable restrooms in a restroom trailer rental give you plenty of options. Some include a pedal-operated flush, a basin for hand washing, and more. For a more upscale outdoor event, you can find options that match your attendees’ requirements.

9. It’s Easy to Add Last Second

Suppose your other toilet guy crapped out last second–pun intended. Now, you’re missing a porta potty trailer, something your event absolutely needs. To your luck, it’s very easy to rent portable toilets last second.

After all, it’s not a huge ask at the 11th hour. As long as there are toilets available, someone can deliver them to you ASAP.

Your event can then go off without a hitch. No one need know it almost went up in flames because there wasn’t a place for people to take care of their business.

Rent Portable Toilets for Your Outdoor Event

A restroom trailer rental is an excellent way to provide affordable, easy-to-place restroom facilities at any outdoor event. It’s a sanitary option that gives guests supreme comfort regardless of how many are in attendance. You can set them up last second if needed, and still maintain your commitment to environmental friendliness. 

MC Septic Services is your go-to source for portable restrooms and septic tank pumping. Call us to get a quote, and we will provide whatever restrooms you need for your upcoming event.